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all i know about SBR from what I learn on twitter



I am neither Imperial nor Nord, neither Orc or Elf.

I am the last of my race.

The race of Jonathan Joestar.

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Happy birthday, Speedwagon


some school doodles from this week

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more homework…literally just an illustration with any car in it but he said “fan art is ok” and i went “HOT STUFF”


Hello rwc fans! Welcome to the 2014 Radiowave Communication secret santa!

What is the secret santa for?
Through this blog you can sign up to give and get a gift to and from other members of the rwc fandom! We’ll use the info you give us to match you up with two other applicants - one who you’ll give a gift, and another you’ll get a gift from. 

Rules - How to Apply - Deadlines

Applications close October 30th.

If you have any questions, please shoot an ask to either of the mods: hermes-4 or jupiter-11.

Please share this if you join, and maybe boost us even if you can’t. Happy (early) holidays!

homework for a digital colouring class, just thought it’d be fun to share it here too :O Lineart is from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (english vol 16 bc it had to be 400dpi and it was on hand) by Araki Hirohiko


and the bar is a nazi hideout 


and the bar is a nazi hideout 

astarsjourney sent: How would you recommend getting into jojo? I have no idea where to start!! GUIDEME


YES! HELLO! I am happy to guide you!! Of course I recommend reading the manga and watching the anime— but what I did (and what I generally recommended to my friends) was watch the anime first and then continue from where it leaves off with the manga. This seems the best way for most starting out to digest things quickly. The anime is like halfway through part 3 (until January 2015), and is more or less faithful to the manga. (I still recommend going back and re-reading 1+2 for fun later but it’s not necessary at all for story)

I really hate reading manga online, so I was super disappointed that only Part 3 was officially released (in English print) but now they’re starting to release more.  I think I may have mentioned before, that since all I’d ever seen around was part 3, that I thought it was 1 and that I could start there LOL DON’T…start out of order. I was way confused. ((even though, again I read…5 before 4 and 8 before 6 or 7.. Im the worst example of how to read this series but still you’ll be pretty confused if you don’t at least cement 1-3 in your mind before hopping around. After 3, it’s easier to digest anything else the series throws at you, in my opinion.)) ALSO IN REGARDS TO “digesting” info, I strongly recommend to live by this mindset: “Yeah, that makes sense. It’s JOJO, after all.” You will be so much happier and enjoy the series quite easily if you take the things that happen and the ways they happen as “logical and totally possible in this universe.” I’ve seen too many people get bent out of shape about things instead of enjoying them.

Because for real, JUST ENJOY!!!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!!! Have fun! It’s quite a ride, so I hope you (and anyone who decides to give it a shot) will have a good time!!


the most mature character in jojo’s bizarre adventure, without a doubt


the most mature character in jojo’s bizarre adventure, without a doubt

「Those sad eyes, those compassionate eyes… Just how he bruised me, I doubt Jonathan could ever know. 」