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英語は私の母国語ですが、日本語を少し話せます。 練習したいよ!


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Ryo-kun (Toudou’s actor) was talking/thanking about the happy moments he received and how much fun he had during the pedal stage (it was his first time in pedal stage!! he replaced tama-chan, the previous actor for toudou), he was crying and talking at the same time, so Tomoki (Maki-chan’s actor) came to console him www and helped him to deliver the last sentence. They WeRE So DamN Cute

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K…Kuranosuke… (´・` )♡ i love..

Anonymous sent: When you say you will be at AWA, do you mean this years or for 2015?

Both! I won’t be at this year’s Otakon though.

2015 Conventions?

I didn’t sign up for many convention artist alleys this year due to school, but ended up really regretting that. I’ve already signed up for AX again, and of course I plan on the usual AWA and Otakon, but does anyone have suggestions / recommendations for other conventions in 2015?

Just some anon asks piling up.

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Anonymous sent: I was watched Jurassic Park for the first time tonight and thought about u almost the whole movie (I hope that doesn't sound weird I just remember you saying you really like it!!)

OMG!!!!!! I watched it tonight too (did you watch it on TV? It’s like we watched it together then! LOL) I’m glad ^O^ I hope you enjoyed it!! It’s my oldest fandom ahahaha

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star-grazer sent: I also am infatuated with the characters and world you've developed in your comic. I was wondering since you mentioned the bots go to "sleep" to conserve energy, how to they restore their batteries? Are they solar power, charged, replaced, etc?

They’re made with materials we don’t have, but the function is similar to a rechargeable battery. They primarily recharge with solar power but in environments of prolonged darkness, they can be plugged in. The “battery” should be replaced about every 3 years. ( In general, a new model number only comes out every 10 years or more. For example, Apollos 1,2, and 3 spanned the last 50 years before Apollo 4 was made. Mostly they only include minor improvements based on customer feedback. It’s very different from the world of technology we’re used to.)


Jurassic Park - famous quotes

yuunachi sent: i am so emotionally invested in radiowave communication. it's like. consuming my life. i really love those robots. what do hermes and apollo do in their free time, when they're not working? like what do they do for fun or what would they find fun

When they’re not working (which ideally would be very rarely) they go into Sleep Mode to conserve energy. Though later, Hermes gets a souvenir from some planet where they arrange noise into pretty compositions. The disc format is primitive but he adores all the discs with the words “Ella Fitzgerald” on them, and can be found listening to them in his free time. image


Hakone Gakuen Hen
Toudou Jinpachi + sunglasses
devissitrhw sent: Hi, I know this is a weird question, but I could have sworn I saw another page of Radiowave Communication. I think there was a virus spreading on the station (and Hermes possibly caused it) and the entire crew died. Apollo wanted to take Charis with him, but couldn't because it was against regulation. The end of the page had Apollo saying something like "I liked section 18, outpost 89". What happened to it?

Oh! That’s the original assignment! ^O^ Radiowave started as a 5-page final assignment for my “Introduction to Sequential Illustration” class in the spring, in which ‘a character returns to a space station or planet for a routine check-up and quickly finds that something is wrong.’

I couldn’t get it out of my head afterwards, so it became a full story. I rewrote chapter 1’s ending, but the general direction is still the same. If you want to re-read the original it’s right here. It only covers chapter 1 obviously, there are 6 more lol

Anonymous sent: Are there any non-binary gender robots, or can the ai only be programed as male or female?

No, only male and female options are available. Victus society is matriarchal, highly intelligent, and very advanced in some areas, but they are so so far from perfect. It’s a society with a great deal of social pressure. There are very strong expectations about physical appearance, social status, intelligence, and gender roles. They also have a history that will be covered more in Ch 2. There is a lot of pressure to conform to what that society considers normal, and Olympus Mons is a very big company so they fall right alongside, often even propagating, that “norm”.

Kamukoma/Twin AU related stuff

Finally getting around to answering these.

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Anonymous sent: Hello, i hope you don't mind me saying but I really hope the post office isn't rude to you! You've mentioned a few times that they hate when you go in, but it doesn't really seem fair for them to hate someone who is just trying to mail out orders, even if you do have a lot.

Hello anon, it’s fine! I live in a small town so there are only a few people working there in rotation, which means they all see a lot of me and vice versa. There used to be a woman who was particularly rude and would sigh a lot or make rude quips but I haven’t seen her this summer LUCKILY. Mostly, it’s just a case of dirty looks and the rudest of the 3 men never fails to try and throw up a “next window” sign and retreat to the back as soon as we make eye contact fff It’s just a daily hour of awkward, intense silence and holding up the line.

Luckily also, the office has a serve yourself machine in the lobby 24 hours for domestic packages, otherwise it’d be 100x worse bc I have so many more of those LOL